Bloated Cat Productions
Thoughtography Poster



Directed by Josh Hoffman

Deep within the mysterious realms of the human mind lie the secrets to man's intrinsic place in nature.

Haunted Road Poster

The Haunted Road of Life


    Directed by Josh Hoffman

One man's symbolic road trip through life, haunted by a mysterious ghost.

Rydell Poster

Four Degrees    
   of Jonas Rydell    


Directed by Dan Asenlund

A scientific experiment gone wrong has produced three copies of Jonas Rydell, and as he finds himself rapidly deteriorating the only way to survive is to kill them all.

Hanuman Poster

Hanuman Airlines:    
   Fly Over Everest    


Directed by Hamilton Pevec

Two Nepali men climb Mt. Everest, launch a paraglider from the summit, fly over the top and set a new free flight world record.

Other Films

YearTitleDirected by
2010Ghost FoodJosh Hoffman, Hamilton Pevec
2009Upward StrayJosh Hoffman, Hamilton Pevec
2005A New Soul in SeoulJosh Hoffman
2003Things You Never KnewJosh Hoffman, Hamilton Pevec
2000Dream of DeathJosh Hoffman
2000When Nature CallsJosh Hoffman
1999Youth Group MassacreJosh Hoffman
1997A Dead Raccoon in the RoadJosh Hoffman

Bloated Cat Productions has also produced many music videos and commercials.

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